Ensure superior quality safety matches with Apex Matches !

Get superior quality safety matches with carbonised splints only at Apex Matches. The company offers wooden safety matches, wax safety matches and long stick household safety matches. The safety matches undergo stringent quality checks and are manufactured at par with international standards.

From Malabarica splints to fancy boxes to different colour heads, Apex Safety Matches can be fully customised.

Wooden safety matches manufactured by them are apt for kitchen use, to light fireplaces, campfires, camp stoves and barbecues. The safety match box is made from fine quality duplex board.

On the other hand, wax safety matches are commonly used by smokers. They are manufactured using paraffin wax and phosphorus. Apex Safety Matches are recognised for their long, bright flames. The splints are made of tissue paper while the matchbox is made from hard duplex board. Apex Matches have an advantage of burning in damp conditions.

In situations where the match has to be lit for a longer time, long stick household safety matches from Apex are ideal. Apex Matches have a bigger match head, higher breakage strength and a moisture proof match body and even side friction. The splinters are made of white pine and as per wood.

Apex Safety Matches are leading through innovation and excellence.

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