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Strike your Safety Matches on any Surface for Survival

Ever wondered how life would be if we could just strike a matchstick on any surface?

Matches make an important part of our everyday lives. We use it every single day to light a lamp, light the stove or light a cigarette. The matches that we use every day are called Safety Matches. These matches are safe to use. They only ignite when rubbed against a special surface. Some of the matches we encounter daily are wax matchsticks, wooden matchsticks, cardboard matchsticks and many others. Continue reading

Ensure safety on the Safety Matches you use !

When it comes to using matches, safety is of utmost importance. A safety match only ignites when struck against a specially prepared striking surface. It is usually a strip of the sides of the box. Safety matches contain red phosphorus which reacts to chemicals in the striking surface.

Apart from safety matches, there is also strike anywhere matches. The matches contain a mixture of phosphorus sesquisulfide and potassium chlorate. Continue reading